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Subject: Eco-dent toothpowder


I wanted to write to you to let you know that I love your toothpowder! I had been looking for a toothpaste without carageenan or other nasty ingredients in it and found Eco-dent at my local grocery co-op. I tried it for six months and went to the dentist to see how my check up went. Excellent! In fact improved. The hygienist said there really wasn't much at all for her to do and that my gums were in excellent condition. Never happened before. On top of that it is less expensive and not messy like conventional toothpaste. I'm hooked and will be spreading the word!

Thank you so much for being there!


Minneapolis, MN


I thought you should know, I purchased a bottle of your Eco-Dent Tooth Powder at Goodness Me in Hamilton Ontario, and I will never use toothpaste again!! I Threw the tube of Colgate in the garbage. an unbelieveable clean! I can't thank you enough for marketing this product. Please don't stop manufacturing this stuff, My only wish is to see it in more places here on Candada. I'm quite sure all your products would do exceptionally well on store shelves compared to internet purchases. Best Always!

G.P. per email 7/26/10

Green Company Review Eco-dent

Although most of my posts will relate to the weekly tasks that Ashley assigns to me, I have decided that on Mondays I will take a look at a company or organization that appears to be doing something green, environmentally friendly or healthy.  Although I am not very familiar with many green products, one item that my wife has talked me into using is Eco-denT  tooth powder in place of regular tooth paste.

I have to be honest that I do not use this all the time in place of my normal Colgate toothpaste, but use it at least once a day.  The first time I tried the Eco-dent tooth powder, it made my teeth feel more clean than usual.  I have found that the combination of Colgate in the morning and Eco-Dent in the evening makes my teeth happy.

On top of the fact that Eco-Dent makes my mouth feel like tulips in Spring, the packaging is environmentally friendly.  It is made from recycled materials and can also be recycled.  Instead of putting these containers in the recycle bin, we may keep these containers as a place to keep seeds for our garden.

This product may also be healthier for you or at least less wasteful.  Although Fluoride is healthy in small doses, it also has the potential to be toxic in large doses.   I likely get enough in the water I drink and from my visits to the dentist, so I am not really concerned about getting too little.  They promise no animal testing.

As a consumer, I would recommend Eco-dent as a company that sells an environmentally friendly product that I stand by and trust.

Share and Enjoy:  Ben - Fargo, ND

Awesome Toothpaste without the sugar, preservatives and flouride

I've made my way through about a dozen brands of toothpastes, but when I came across the Eco-Dent brand, my search was over, as this brand is the best! As the world continues to learn about how bad Flouride is for us (sodium flouride, not calcium flouride), more and more people will choose mouth and teeth products that are flouride-free. The Eco-dent Daily Care toothpowder is as good as it gets when it comes to whiter, cleaner teeth, without any of those "suspicious" ingredients you'll find in your big name brand toothpastes. Added bonus here...this is a POWDER (baking soda based) and not a gel or liquid, so you can take it on your carry-on bags when you fly. The Original Mint is my favorite flavor, but try them all, they are all great.

James E.