Where to buy

How to Find Our Products at Retail: Eco-DenT products are available at most major natural products stores nationwide.  If you shop at a store that does not carry the item you are seeking, please ask them to carry it as it is available from their distributor in most cases. Eco-DenT products are also available through a number of online resellers on a consistent basis including (but not limited to) www.amazon.com and www.internatural.com If you cannot find our products locally, you are welcome to purchase them through our online store.
(We accept Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard.)

How to Find Our Products Wholesale: If you are a retailer interested in selling Eco-Dent products, you may contact us directly at Lotus Brands, P O Box 325, Twin Lakes, WI 53181 USA, 262 889 8561 (office phone); 262 889 2461 (office fax); 888 ECO DENT (toll free order line); or Eco-Dent Contact us to obtain information about the distributors carrying the product line. Of course, should you not be able to purchase any of our products through the distributor of your choice, we shall be happy to serve your needs directly. Some of the distributors carrying our product line include: United Natural Foods (UNFI), Mountain Peoples Distributors; Rainbow Distributing; Lotus Light Natural Body Care; Tree of Life and many more.