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Eco-Dent supplies a complete range of Premium Oral Care Products. Each and every Eco-DenT product is "Best of Class," with advanced formulas, premium ingredients, and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Eco-DenT offers you the following Premium Quality Oral Care Products:


Eco-Dent products are available at most major natural products stores and online retailers.  If you shop at a store that does not carry the item you are seeking, please ask them to carry it as it is available from their distributors in most cases.  If you cannot find our products locally, you are welcome to purchase them through our online store.
  • Eco-DenT DailyCare & SpecialCare Toothpowders   Eco-Dent toothpowders provide incredible oral hygiene capabilities, helping you keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh—without potentially harmful fluoride additives! Eco-DenT's Effervescent Action leaves your mouth and breath clean and fresh, your teeth polished and smooth -- and actually does this with less abrasivity, thereby protecting your delicate tooth enamel! And because Eco-DenT is Toothpowder, we don't sell you the water and glycerin that make up up to half the weight of pastes and gels -- so Eco-DenT is Incredibly economical.
  • Eco-DenT Ultimate Daily Rinse  with Echinacea, Goldenseal, 14 Essential Oils, Baking Soda, and Co-Q10. Gentle enough for daily use. Also used as an OTC Oral Wound Cleanser and Debriding Agent. One Rinse: Two Functions. Available in Sparkling Cool Mint and Spicy-Cool Cinnamon.
  • Eco-DenT GentleFloss  Vegan waxed (no beeswax and no petro-waxes), GentleFloss is treated with 14 Essential Oils. GentleFloss has the most eco-friendly floss packaging in the world! (So unique, it's patented.) And with 100 yards of floss in the package, GentleFloss is up to three times more economical than other natural brands!
  • Eco-DenT VeganFloss  VeganFloss is a Cinnamon Flavor. VeganFloss has no mint (suitable for people using homeopathy) VeganFloss is completely free of all animal source ingredients. It comes in the highly economical 100 yd. Size and is packaged in our cardboard pack to eliminate the use of plastic for packaging found in other brands.
  • Eco-DenT TerrAdenT Replaceable Head Toothbrushes   University studies prove that TerrAdenT's advanced design and patented manufacturing technology, with its thermo-welded head that does not have open pores where the bristles meet the brush head, actually reduces the bacterial load that collects on your toothbrush -- no other toothbrush can make this claim! Much more economical and ecological!
  • Eco-DenT Between! Dental Gum  Between's advanced formula provides the protection of Anti-Oxidant Vitamin A, C and E, Xylitol, and Minerals to help freshen your breath and help maintain oral hygiene between brushings.. Available in Mint, Cinnamon and Wintergreen. 

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